Joris Ghilini, visual artist

My artistic production currently takes on various forms ranging from painting to sculpture, to site-specific installations…
It finds its source in my studio, a real place of pictorial and sound experimentation where research and questioning on the notion of iconography constitute the essential basis of my approach until it puts it in danger.
Indeed, creation being for me by nature imperfect, it refers to a certain failure of its object.
Everything is then a pretext to produce, to reproduce and to come back to it incessantly, inducing the very idea of the palimpsest as a step forward in the progression of my work, ie an incessant « work in progress ». Thus, I do not hesitate to seize the « déjà-vu » nor to reverse the myth, the hero or the sacred, to demystify it, divert it, weaken it… in order to tell a new story.
Born in 1978, I joined the Faculty of Law of Aix-en-Provence in 1996 and graduated a few years later in Immaterial and New Technologies Law. Having become an intellectual property advisor, I left this profession in 2009 in order to pursue applied research on the notion of iconography and its endangerment.
Now I live and work in Paris.


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